APIS Inc. Where Nature Meets Science.

Our Founder

Vinnie Torres

Vinnie is determined, from his days as an ultra-marathon runner to a summit climber, his focus and dedication is impressive. He is determined to make Apis Inc. a success. Throughout his years as a motion picture studio grip in Hollywood he has gained a particular insight into the type of beauty products used in the movie industry. Along the way, Vinnie became devoted to ingredient transparency and has a passion for knowing what goes into every product he buys. 

Vinnie starts every day with meditation and ends his day reflecting on something he has learned, no matter how small. As a retired ultra-marathon runner, he has spent many hours contemplating how he can contribute to his community, how building strong relationships with a focus on honestly and transparency can lead to socially responsible products.

Together with his brother, a real life scientist, they are committed to developing safe products designed with all natural ingredients using sound scientific principles normally reserved for the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries. Vinnie and Apis Inc. live by the mottos “Where Nature Meets Science” and “Where Less is More”.